Who are we?

We are the decendants of my great grandpa, Antonio "Nino" Sangiorgi, born in Valledolmo, Sicily in 1872. He was one of nine siblings born to Francesco Sangiorgi (1844) & Francesca (Ricotta) Sangiorgi (1848). He immigrated to this country in 1892 as a teenager and settled in Buffalo, NY. He later married Josephine (Latona) Sangiorgi, also immigrating from Sicily. His son, born Calegero Sangiorgi (b.1907) (later changed his name to Charles St. George Sr.) and grandson, Charles St. George Jr. (b.1938) were both born and raised on the west side of Buffalo.
I am Charles St. George III and proud of my heritage and the hard work of my family to make this all possible. I also was brought up in western New York, and had the great pleasure of many great ethinic meals and memories from my grandparents (Charles Sr. & Ruth Greico St. George). We are committed to the highest standards of quality and consistancy across our menu. We have to, our family name is on it !
Francesco Sangiorgi (seated) &
Francesca (Ricotta) Sangiorgi (far rt)
circa 1900
Antonino & Josephine (Latona) Sangiorgi
Sangiorgi Emporio, West Side Buffalo
circa 1914
Antonino & Josephine (Latona) Sangiorgi
(Charles Sr, Josephine, Frank & Frances)
circa 1920
Charles Sr & Charles Jr  abt 1947
Charles III, Charles Sr & Charles Jr