I’m delighted to be teaching art (2nd thru 5th) at St. Francis. I love to create, and the process of exploration and learning that accompanies it.  I often tell people that “I am happiest when working with my hands.”  Imagining is not just a process, it is who I am. Sharing this passion with the students at St. Francis and identifying ways to share theirs with the community is exciting. 

Art is a powerful lens through which to view the world, cultures, and yourself.  It is no surprise then that my international relations schooling (Tufts, and London School of Economics) and work (PR and Commerce Dpt), training in clay (Torpedo Factory in DC), and teaching of art throughout the community provide a perfect backdrop for coming to St. Francis.  An appreciation of the creative process and curiosity to experience cultures different from our own is something I wish to nurture.

Clay is my medium of choice having founded The Hungry Potter in 2000. I learned to throw in middle school on a kick wheel  (builds character!) and am indebted to my teacher for endless hours playing in the mud.  For me, the turning of the wheel creates a quiet rhythm similar to gazing into a fire.  I am always fascinated to see the transformation of a ball of clay into something, either expected or often unexpected. Recently, I've turned to textural, sculptural pieces including leaf tiled mirrors.  St. Francis provides the ideal environment for such exploration by the students.   Working with kids at Neighborhood House (25th and Rowan) where I serve on the Board is a regular part of my life  (making plates for the Duchess of Cornwall and her delegation was a thrill for the kids!).   Working with single mom's at Family Scholar House and partnering with the Boys and Girls Club has been equally rewarding. 

I derive great joy from nature and am fascinated by the grace and curiosity of the pelican. I love to watch their flight patterns and often wonder where they travel. The horse features prominently in my life having tiled a life sized Gallopalooza Horse, Silver Charm.  While  I love the tactile nature of clay, I thrive on delving into different media, most recently wire sculptures and found objects.  I can't wait to dive into drawing, painting, collage, and printmaking this year and see where these media take the children and me. 

We will use the work of the Masters as a jumping off point to examine how and why works of art are created, and look at various techniques they used for creating our own (i.e. Elements of Art and Principles of Design).  Lessons will also include seasonal (sunflowers!!) and holiday art. 

The St. Francis “Studio” is always open so come by to feel the energy and see what we are creating!