Some ontologies available for downloading

This is an OWL implementation of the ANSI/ASHRAE/NEMA Standard 201-2016, commonly known as FSGIM (Facility Smart Grid Information Model). It is compatible with TopBraid Composer Maestro, version 5.2 (and possibly later versions). The file fsgim.ttl is an OWL file using the Turtle format, and contains all of the classes and properties specified in the UML model of the ASHRAE Standard, published in 2016. While attempts have been made to be as consistent as possible with the UML specification, there are a few cases where there are differences, such as the UML "redefines" relation, which is inconsistent with the set theory underlying OWL.

HSL - Healthcare Semantics Lite
An ontology describing people (patients, technicians...), medical devices, and measurements. This is just a skeleton ontology to explore a proof of concept.
File type: .ttl (Turtle)

CoreSCModel.ttl - Smart Community Ontology
A general purpose smart community ontology based on four base classes: Resource, Location, Event and Service. It is designed to be extended with domain-specific layers. Experimental extensions have been defined for buildings containing smart sensors and for a referral service context. 
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