Hello, and welcome to my E-portfolio! My name is Katie. I have created this E-portfolio to display my work from grades 6-8 and maybe even high school.

Located on the left of my website, I have the links to different pages, each for one or more of my subjects in school. I have 'Humanities' for English and History, 'Language' for Spanish and Mandarin, 'STEM' for my math, science and tech classes, and if you click on the 'Reflections' link, it will take you to my Blog, where I can share thoughts about my learning. 

I think that E-portfolios are important because in the future, many people, such as teachers, will want to see my work. Also, it will be good for myself, because I always like going back to see work that I've done in previous years, and here is one of the best places to save my work.

Please enjoy!