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About Stern's Wireless

Stern has an 802.11 b/g/n wireless network that covers most student areas in Tisch Hall and the Kaufman Management Center. Current laptops come with 802.11 b/g/n wireless capability built-in.

Important Notice:
Students should ensure their laptops are running an anti-virus program and have updated anti-virus definitions running before signing in to the wireless network. If you need anti-virus program, Stern offers free access to Symantec Anti-Virus for Windows for details, please see the antivirus software guide.

Wireless Access

Here is simple general Wireless@Stern setup video (under 2 minutes) for non-specific devices

Wireless@Stern General Setup

The required settings are:

SSID             = SternOnTheMove2
Username      = Stern Login / NetID
Password       = Stern Password

Configure your laptop or device to access Stern's wireless network. 

 Windows 7
 Android  iPhone

If you experience any difficulties with wireless service, please bring them to the attention of our Stern IT Helpdesk via:
  • Location: Tisch Hall L-100 first floor
  • Phone:    (212) 998-0180
  • Email: 

Wireless Network FAQ
What kind of wireless network does Stern have?
Stern has an 802.11 b/g/n wireless network that covers most student areas in Tisch Hall and the Kaufman Management Center. The wireless network provides access to high-speed internet, email and network printers.

What is the coverage area of the wireless network?
Wireless coverage is provided in most student areas in Kauffman and Tisch Hall buildings.

Wireless Policy

All standard network usage policies, including the NYU policy below, apply to wireless network access.


Access to and use of computing and networking resources at New York University (NYU) are privileges extended to members of the NYU community. Access to NYU computing and networking resources is limited to authorized users and is for approved purposes only. Such resources include computer hardware and software, computer-based files and data, NYU-NET (the campus-wide data network), and all networks reached via NYU-NET, such as the Internet. Approved purposes are those consistent with both the broad instructional and research goals of the University and the user's relationship with the University.

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides centrally funded computer-related services for instruction and research and, through NYU-NET, data network services for all organizations within the University. Other NYU units (schools and departments) may also provide access to similar resources.

Each holder of an ITS account, or holder of any school or departmental account permitting network access, has the responsibility to use the resources referred to above in an ethical and legal manner and agrees to the following as a condition for use of the account:

I understand that my access to NYU computing resources is for the sole purpose of facilitating my work as a University student, staff member or faculty member.

I will respect the privacy and reasonable preferences of other users (both at NYU and elsewhere on all connected networks), including the privacy of their accounts and data.

I will respect the integrity and security of the systems and network, and will exercise care to maintain their security.

I will respect the shared nature of network and computing resources and will refrain from activities which interfere with the ability of others to use those resources.

I understand that computer accounts are for sole use by the account owner, and I will not share my account with other individuals or use an account assigned to another individual.

I will take precautions to safeguard passwords and other privileged information to which I have been given access. Any passwords, verification codes or electronic signature codes assigned to me are for my individual use only. I will regard them as personal identifiers of my computer use, similar to my signature on a document.

I understand that I am responsible for all actions performed from my computer account.

I will not attempt to monitor other individuals' computer or network use, nor will I attempt to obtain their passwords or any other private information.

I understand that, in the course of my work, I may be given, or otherwise gain, access to confidential or privileged information relating to this or other institutions, or to NYU students, employees, patients or other individuals or groups. I will respect the confidentiality of all information to which I have access, neither divulging confidential information without appropriate consent nor seeking to obtain access to confidential information to which I am not entitled.

I will respect the rights of copyright owners, and, when appropriate, obtain permission from owners before using or copying protected material, including, but not limited to, software, documents, images, and multimedia objects.

I understand that my use of computing resources accessed via NYU-NET - whether provided by organizations within or outside the University - may be subject to additional norms of behavior or regulations specific to the resource, which I agree to follow.

All persons accessing New York University computing resources will be held accountable for their conduct. As a matter of routine, use of NYU computer systems and NYU-NET is monitored and recorded by authorized University staff members in order to safeguard the security and smooth operation of these resources.

Any abuse or violation of the rules outlined here (or of other rules and practices governing the use of computer networks to which NYU is attached) will lead to account suspension and immediate review, with the possibility of account revocation, further disciplinary action in accordance with New York University rules and procedures, and referral to local, state and federal law enforcement authorities.