Kim Corfman

Professor of Marketing
Deputy Chair, Department of Marketing
Academic Director, MBA in Fashion & Luxury
NYU Stern School of Business
40 West Fourth Street, 817 Tisch Hall
New York, NY  10012

kcorfman [@]

  • Ph.D. - Marketing, Columbia University
  • MBA - Marketing, Columbia University
  • AB - Romance Languages, Princeton University
Research Interests
  • Creativity
  • Group Decision-Making, Bargaining & Judgment
  • Affect & Consumer Behavior
  • Social Influence
Teaching Interests
  • Negotiation
  • Creativity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Planning
Selected Publications
  • Lee-Wingate, Sooyeon Nikki and Kim P. Corfman (2011),”The Effect of Emotional Disclosure on Consumer Fairness Perceptions,” Psychology & Marketing, 28 (September), 897-908.
  • Lee-Wingate, Sooyeon Nikki and Kim P. Corfman (2009), “A Little Something for Me and Maybe for You Too: Promotions that Relieve Guilt,” Marketing Letters, 21 (October), 385-395.
  • Raghunathan, Rajagopal and Kim P. Corfman (2006), “Is Happiness Shared Doubled and Sadness Shared Halved?: Social Influence on Enjoyment of Hedonic Experiences,” Journal of Marketing Research, 43 (August), 386-394.
  • Raghunathan, Rajagopal, Michel Pham, and Kim P. Corfman (2006), “Informational Properties of Anxiety and Sadness, and Displaced Coping,” Journal of Consumer Research, 32 (March), 596-601.
  • Raghunathan, Rajagopal and Kim P. Corfman (2004), “Sadness as Pleasure-seeking Prime, Anxiety as Attentiveness Prime: The Different Affect Different Effect (DADE) Model,” Motivation & Emotion, 28 (March), 23-41.
  • Raghubir, Priya and Kim P. Corfman (1999), "When Do Price Promotions Affect Brand Evaluations?," Journal of Marketing Research, 36 (May), 211-222.