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Mac Mail for New Users

This guide is for clients who simply want to set Mac Mail up for the first time. This guide will walk you through the steps you need to follow to configure Mac Mail for your Stern Gmail account. 

Note: This document was created using Snow Leopard 10.6.3. If you are using an older (or newer) version of MAC OSX, the screenshots provided in this guide may differ slightly from what you see in your MAC Mail application.

1. Open the Mail application on your Mac; see icon below.

2. As a new user, you will see the following Welcome to Mail window. 

Note: If you see an inbox instead of a Welcome to Mail window, this means you have already set up a Mail account. Please consult the other guide, Mac Mail Configuration for Current Users, for instructions on how to proceed.

Fill in the information as follows:


· Full Name: Enter your full name
· Email Address: Stern_ID@stern.nyu.edu  (eg. tst123@stern.nyu.edu)
· Password: Enter your Stern email password 
· Click 'Continue'

3. You will be prompted to enter the ‘Incoming Mail Server’ settings. Enter the information as shown here:


· Account Type: IMAP 
· Description: Gmail@Stern (call this anything you want to identify it as your Stern Gmail account)
· Incoming Mail Server: imap.gmail.com
· User Name: Stern_ID@stern.nyu.edu  (eg. tst123@stern.nyu.edu)
· Password: Enter your Stern email Password
· Click 'Continue'

4. Now you will be prompted to provide the 'Outgoing Server' settings. Enter the information as shown here:


          · Description: Google@Stern
· Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.gmail.com
· Use Only this Server: Yes (Check box as above)
· Use Authentication: Yes (Check box as above)
· User Name: Stern_ID@stern.nyu.edu  (eg. tst123@stern.nyu.edu)
· Password: Enter your Stern email Password
· Click 'Continue'

5. You will see the 'Account Summary'. Review all settings to make sure they are correct .Make sure the box for 'Take account online' is checked (as below), and click 'Create'.


6. Your account is created but there is still a couple of things to do.  In MAC Mail, click on the 'Mail' menu and choose 'Preferences' (below).

7. We are now going to verify the 'Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)' settings.  To do this, at the Account Information screen, click on the arrows adjacent to the current SMTP server as highlighted below:

8. From the menu that appears, click on 'Edit SMTP Server List...' as shown here:


9. Click on the 'Advanced' button (below):


10. If needed, change the Advanced SMTP server settings as shown below:


          · Use custom Port: 465
          · Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): Check Box
          · Authentication: Password
          · User Name: Stern_ID@stern.nyu.edu  (eg. tst123@stern.nyu.edu)
          · Password: Enter your Stern email Password

           Click 'OK' to commit your changes.

11. Still in the account window, click on the 'Advanced' button as highlighted below.


12. If needed, make the following changes:


          · Port: 993
          · Use SSL: Check box
          · Authentication: Password

13. Close the 'Accounts' window by clicking on the red button at the top left corner.  If prompted to 'Save changes' select 'Save'.

You are done! Make sure you give your email time to download from the server. This may a while, so in the meantime access your email through the Stern Gmail web client (accessible through Sternlinks).