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Extended program with abstracts available at Extended program is password protected; password is noted on the bottom of the printed programs!

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Collective Intelligence 2016 Program

Conference Chair 
Natalia Levina (NYU Stern School of Business)

Program Chairs  
Karim Lakhani (Harvard Business School)
Paul Resnick (University of Michigan)

Program Committee Members and Session Facilitators

Anita Woolley (Carnegie Mellon University)
Siobhan O’Mahony (Boston University)
Walter Lasecki (University of Michigan)
Yiling Chen (Harvard University)
Emmanouil Gkeredakis (Warwick Business School)
Sinan Aral (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Lada Adamic (Facebook)
Christopher Chabris (Union College)
Iain Couzin (Princeton University)