SS 202 - Environmental Policy and Law 
This course examines Vermont and U.S. environmental policies and laws from philosophical, historical and social perspectives.  In doing so, we discuss how various stakeholders might view environmental issues and how divergent views give rise to distinct, and somewhat conflicting, environmental policies.  We will examine how science, public opinion, and ethics contribute to the formation and implementation of environmental policy.

SS202: Environmental Policy and Law                  

Spring 2013    

Instructor:       Farley Anne Brown (586-7711 extension 156)



  • Understand the evolution of environmental policies and laws.
  • Understand political structure and functions of government, and how environmental policies and laws are developed and implemented.
  • Understand participatory processes and collaborative dialog.
  • Strengthen communication skills through participation in the political arena.
  • Develop research and writing skills.
  • Understand how environmental ethics and justice shape our policies and laws.


Student Responsibilities:

First and foremost, students must prepare themselves for active discussion about the topics by reading the assigned materials for each class.  Analysis of readings, statehouse visits, and specific case studies will be the responsibility of the students and everyone is expected to participate in these discussions.  Most readings will be from the required text, along with handouts and other materials on reserve in the Sterling College library.



All assignments are due on the assigned date.  Late assignments will not be accepted without prior arrangement. I reserve the right to not grant an extension.


Grading and Evaluation:

Class Participation (attendance, readings and discussion)                                 30%

Legislation Tracking and Reaction Papers                                                            30% 

Policy and Law Research Projects                                                                          40%


Required Text: Salzman, J and Thompson, B., Environmental Law and Policy, 2nd edition [Foundation Press: 2007]    

Students bring a variety of learning styles to class.  We will be using a variety of oral, written and technical skills.  If you have learning challenges or a documented disability, please let me know and check in with Leland Peterson, Sterling College’s Learning Support Coordinator.  Leland can help you determine what accommodations would be helpful for you in this course.  I can meet with you and Leland, or simply let me know what you and he decide. See page 62 in the Student Handbook for more information about Sterling College individual learning support.