SS 111 - Experiential Education II 
Winter Intensive   


This course directly addresses two “compass points of sustainability”, Social and personal Well-being. Towards social sustainability, this course helps students be more effective group members, as both leaders and participants.  Different decision-making models are introduced and used by student groups in a variety of settings; mainly outdoor activities including snowshoe travel, a night hike, and cross-country skiing.  Student groups also organize their own evening activities. Each student is the designated decision-maker for his or her group during a segment of the course.  Instructors play a reduced role in order to give students increased chances for leadership. Towards increasing personal well-being, the course activities are selected to encourage appreciation for the natural world and decreased dependence on mechanization for travel and recreation.  One indoor activity that also reinforces course goals is using hand tools to create a canoe paddle.  Empowering students to be active and creative in the Winter aids mental and spiritual health. The decision-making process used by group members, relationships, and personal growth are the foci of a reflective journal. Graded on a pass/fail basis.  


HM/SS/NS100 A Sense of Place