NS 240 - Forestry


NS 245 – Introduction to Forestry

 Spring 2012

Instructor:  Ross Morgan

Required Text:  Beattie, M., Levine, L and Thompson, C Working With Your Woodlands          

Supplementary Readings:  As assigned and on reserve in library, which include readings from periodicals and research literature.                               

Format:  Integration of lecture, discussion, field experiences, laboratories.  Always bring appropriate field clothing and gear, including a knife and writing “set up”.

Course Objectives: 

  • To gain an understanding of the role of forest management in our society.
  • To understand the forest as a dynamic natural system.
  •  To provide a forum for discussing contemporary issues of forest management.


Evaluation:  Students will be evaluated on the following:

Weekly quizzes                                                    20 %                                   

Two individual reports                                       20 %

Written assignments / field work                   20 %

One mid-semester examination                      20 %

Final Exam                                                            20 %


Arrangements for make-up exams (when an exam is given during class time) may be made only for true emergencies.  If you miss an exam for an emergency, you must inform me, in person or by telephone, by the day of the exam.  Unexcused absences will result in a grade of zero. 

Outline of Subjects                                               

1.    Introduction - History of Forestry

2.    History of  Forestry                                                         

3.    The Forest Ecosystem                        

4.    Forest Soil                                                

5.    Forest Types and Site Conditions                                     

6.    Forest Measurements                                      

7.    Silviculture                                                           

8.    Forest Insects and Disease                                    

9.    Forest Management Planning                                              

10.  Issues in Managing Private, Federal and State Lands