INT 418 - Senior Project I   


Spring, Summer, Fall 


The Senior Project is a 6-credit capstone learning experience that culminates a student’s study in his or her major by pursuing a particular question in significant depth.  The Project may be research-based or creative and must include a tangible product as well as a presentation.  Possibilities include a presentation for the community, a presentation for a related class, and a workshop for an outside audience.  The Project may have an applied component, but this is not required.

 The Senior Project consists of two 3-credit learning experiences over a student’s final two semesters.  The Project is supported by a primary advisor; students are also encouraged to seek the input of additional faculty or a sponsor outside Sterling College, if appropriate.  A student pursuing this option should enroll in INT 418: Senior Project I and INT 419: Senior Project II in consecutive semesters during his or her senior year.