HM 245 - Fiber Arts II




Making fabrics on a variety of looms.  Students learn to design and weave beautiful and practical textiles with looms from many traditions.  Possibilities include European floor looms, South American backstrap looms, cross-cultural tablets, Japanese kumihimo, primitive mat-looms, and others.

Fiber Arts II
Fall Intensive 2012 

Instructor: Jody Stoddard        802-586-7711 ext 166 

Prerequisite:  Fiber I or permission of instructor Required Texts None required 

Supplementary Readings: Handouts provided, as well as books on reserve 

Class time includes instruction in and hands-on practice of techniques, supplemented by handouts and informal discussion. Students will also work independently or in small groups outside of class, depending on loom type and availability. Written component focuses on self-critiquing selected projects. Looms, materials tools provided. Work will be exhibited at the end of semester. 

Course Objectives:  
To introduce students to the principles and practice of several types of weaving, using simple and complex looms. To practice critiquing the work of self and others. By the end of the semester students will have planned and implemented a variety of weaving projects and will understand the workings of various looms. 

Equal parts attendance, participation in classwork and critiques, completion of projects, and display of work. 

Course Calendar
Day 1, intro and overview of objectives. Acquaintance with looms and vocabulary. Discussion of possible projects. 
Day 2, winding warp and threading cards for tablet weaving. 
Day 3, tablet weaving. Day 4, winding warp and dressing floor loom(s). 
Days 5 – 9, weave webs and redress floor looms, clean and assemble donated floor loom. 
Day 10, review and display of work completed.