In fifth grade spelling and vocabulary are rotated weekly.


SPELLING - Click on the button above to connect to Spelling City. It is now available under my name! Mrs. Jones

Spelling will be pre-tested and students receive either the regular or the challenge list. Spelling tests are done in cursive and a useful study tool is spelling city.


VOCABULARY - Click the link above to connect to the Vocabulary Workshop website (fifth grade level is blue) or quizlet.

Vocabulary tests are multiple choice, but challenging. The students are not required to make vocabulary cards but it may be beneficial for your child. Many of the students also use, Quizlet as a study tool. The words have already been entered on the site. Just click on the Quizlet link above and you will be able to access Miss Freeman's 5C Vocabulary Sets or go to this website: https://quizlet.com/MissFreeman5C


1. Written Repetition - copy the word and/or its definition a number of times on paper.

2. Oral Repetition - Read the word and its definition aloud a number of times.

3. Art - Draw a picture next to the word.

4. Visualization - Imagine an image with the word or first letter.

5. Association - Make up a story about the word(s), or associate an idea or a part of the word with it's meaning.

6. Dramatization - Act out the word physically.

7. Music - Write a rap or song about it.

8. Computers - Type the word and its definition into a computer.

9. Write a story about the words.

10. Study and quiz each other with a partner.

11. Post-its-Take 5-10 words you need to learn. Write each one on a post-it, if possible with a picture or symbol. Stick your post its around your home – anywhere is fine, as long as you will see your words regularly.