Parent Coaching

Parent College offers an exemplary coaching program which is designed to empower you to create positive changes within your family. It is specifically designed to teach you how to be outstanding teachers, guides and advocates to your children. 

We meet and work with you right in your home and identify what your individual needs are and then create a personalized plan designed to produce a more positive and nurturing home environment.

The Parent College Coaching experience will provide the tools for you to master the issues that are creating obstructions to the growth and development of your family.

  • What is it that is creating the stress?
  • Self-awareness and its potential impact on change in the family.
  • Parenting Styles and temperaments of your child – An opportunity for powerful change.
  • How to bridge the gap between your working environment and family life?
  • Nutritional habits and their effects on the individual and family
  • Exercise regimens and there effects on the individual and family
  • The social and Academic performance of your children
  • Your interaction with your school system.
  • The role that you see yourselves playing as parents.
  • What are the things that may be inhibiting you from achieving those goals that you have?
  • What to do about them?
Help your child learn to learn: Our individualized programs help unlock the secrets of learning for all children, whatever their special needs. All of our children are unique and learn through different modalities and at different speeds Find out how through the use of very simple strategies we can help your child discover the joys of education and improve social and behavioral skills at the same time. We teach you how to be better teachers at home.

Our Objective is to maximize performance using a structure that establishes the groundwork for you and your child to develop more positive attitudes and to improve self-esteem. Caring professional help can allow your child to achieve greater success in school and at home.

We serve Families with children from birth to 18. We work with a broad range of exceptionalities including, gifted, ADHD, Learning Disabilities Developmental Disabilities, and Autistic. This Dynamic program will guide you to where you want to go. It will be through your awareness and shifts that will take you and your children to a place of greater understanding, well-being.

For information about our fees or to make an appointment please feel free to contact us:

There is no Magic: But There Are Alternatives to Parenting Exceptional Children