Funding Opportunities: ARC and EDA

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The Appalachian Regional Commission's programs address the five goals identified in the Commission's strategic plan: 

1)  Economic Opportunities
Invest in entrepreneurial and business  
     development strategies that strengthen Appalachia’s economy

2)  Ready Workforce
Improve the education, knowledge, skills, and health
     of residents to work and succeed in Appalachia

3)  Critical Infrastructure
Invest in critical infrastructure—especially
     broadband; transportation, including the Appalachian Development 
     Highway System; and water / wastewater systems

4)  Natural and Cultural Assets
Strengthen Appalachia’s community and
     economic development potential by leveraging the Region’s
     natural and cultural heritage assets

5)  Leadership and Community Capacity:  Build the capacity of skills and
     current and next-generation leaders and organizations to
     innovate, collaborate and advance community and economic   

The Southern Tier East Regional Planning Development Board is seeking prospective applicants for funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission. All interested sponsors must complete a pre-application by July 12, 2017.  If your project is deemed eligible, you will be invited to submit a full application.  The deadline for the full application is August 30, 2017.  

  • ARC Investment Goals
  • Investing in Appalachia

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    recent grant announcement here.

    The Economic Development Administration’s Investment Priorities are within the parameters of a competitive grant process, all projects are evaluated to determine if they advance global competitiveness, create jobs, leverage public and private resources, can demonstrate
    readiness and ability to use funds quickly and effectively, and link to specific and measureable outcomes: 

    1) Collaborative Regional Innovation 

    2) Public/Private Partnerships 

    3) National Strategic Priorities 

    4) Global Competitiveness 

    5) Environmentally-Sustainable Development 

    6) Economically Distressed & Underserved Communities

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