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Many Ways to Give

A Monetary Gift

The STEM School and Academy is a free public school.  As a charter school, we receive state funding, but at a lower rate than other local public schools.  Nonetheless, our project-based curriculum provides one of the richest, most integrated STEM learning experiences in the state.  As a result, our students are thriving. They post the highest ACT scores in the District and are among the top performers in all subjects in the State.

With financial support of our families and friends, STEM can achieve even more to strengthen the learning experiences of our students.  Help us further enrich their education by a generous charitable contribution to STEM. 

Please step forward in support of the STEM School and Academy through our yearly charitable giving plan.  These additional funds make a significant difference in the school's daily operations, sustainability, and educational model. 

The size of your gift does not matter.  Whether you give $1.00 or $5,000, your gift will make a meaningful difference for our students.  All donations are deductible. Thank you for your ongoing generosity. 


Volunteerism is a cornerstone of The STEM School and Academy.  We are so very grateful for the parent and family involvement, both in and outside of the classroom.  We hope that you will check the website frequently for volunteer opportunities and become an even stronger member of our community.