Shawn Stemen

Knowledge is knowing what you know, and knowing what you don't know.         [Confucious]

How can I help you?

I Read

Always. Everything I can get my hands on. Mostly non-fiction but I like light short stories. And science fiction, not the new stuff so much, the classics. It is always nice to have something on-line to read.

Job Opportunities

I’m always interested in hearing about opportunities available in the industry. I generally label myself an Information Architect or User Experience professional. My academic background, coursework, and degrees are in subjects that include words like Information Economics, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Based Information Systems, Sociology, Visual and Environmental Studies, and Law.

My Resume

After 10 or 11 years as an Information Architect I am rather proud of my resume. I am fortunate to have worked with and for some great people on some high profile, effective projects. That said, it is still a document only an HR person could love, my resume.

Work Samples

The challenge -- I do custom, confidential work for clients. Confidential is a key part of that sentence. But people always want to see what I have been working on. If I show you, I am violating a trust. If I don’t, I won’t get hired. Here is some old work, some de-identified work, some sample work.