Ride Maps

Some common routes around the area, rides start from the parking lot in front of Cups & Cones:
Road Bike Routes
Steiner Loop - 13.5 miles and 1078 ft of climbing; on the main route
Steiner Hills - 19 miles and 1584 ft of climbing; taking on all the hills you can find in the neighborhood
Lime Creek / Anderson Loop - 31 miles and 2027 ft of climbing; hills then an easy return
River Place / Ski Shores- 28 miles and 2700 ft of climbing; of burger and beer fun
River Place Short Loop - 19 miles and 1700 ft of climbing
Dam Under - 8 miles and 1040 ft of climbing; to check out the hike & bike only road
Big Dam Loop - 45 miles and 2790 ft of climbing; includes Anderson to 2244
Little Dam Loop - 35 miles and 2648 ft of climbing; speed down 2222 and back 2244
North 360 Loop - 31 miles and 2114 ft of climbing; cut through River Place to 360 then back on Spicewood
Fitzhugh Loop - 57 miles and 3402 ft of climbing
Cozy Cove - 45 miles and about 3,200 ft of climbing
Cuernavaca Ride - 40 miles and about 2,000 ft of climbing
Tour de Steiner Ranch - 24 miles and about 1,100 ft of climbing.
Dam Loop (via Cuernavaca) - 42 miles and 3,500 ft of climbing.
Triple B's - Approximately 50 miles and 2,000ft of climbing; scenic, hills and fast
Avery Ranch Loop - Approximately 48 miles and flat.

Tour das Hugel, 112 miles and over 12,000 ft of climbing; The Austin Ultimate Ride (ride at your own risk)
Mountain Bike Routes
Per the HOA we can't post routes or maps, but we can link to the builders images