Welcome to the Summer Faculty Hub, where we will guide you through all of the parts of your contribution to programs, courses, and workshops over the course of the summer 2015 term at Rudolf Steiner College.
To Our Faculty
It is our aim to make things as helpful as possible this summer, while also being as efficient and as effective as we can be. Together, we hope we can create a welcoming environment for all the summer students who will be joining us--as well as for yourselves.

This site aims to help you navigate RSC. For further information on any or all of these points, please consult this website, a RSC Faculty Handbook or the RSC Resource Guide; both of these can be retrieved from the Business and Finance Office in the wing next to the mail room.
  1. Bookstore at RSC                                  due Monday, June 8
  2. Supply Requests at RSC                       due Wednesday, June 10
  3. Submit Syllabus (matriculated only)      due Wednesday, June 10
  4. Submit Resource Materials                   due Wednesday, June 10
  5. Submit Photocopy Requests                 due Wednesday, June 10 
  6. Prepare Human Resources at RSC      due Friday, June 12
  7. Submit Travel Receipts                         due Monday, August 10
  8. Complete Human Resources at RSC    due Monday, August 10
  9. Purchase Your Meals                            due Friday, June 12