Anti-Discrimination Statements

South Devon Steiner School fully endorses the following statement from The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, which represents Steiner Waldorf schools in the UK and Ireland.

The SWSF is opposed to all forms of discrimination against any person or group of people on the grounds of race, gender, faith, disability, age and sexual orientation and is committed to promoting equality of opportunity and reflecting the diversity of the children, staff and parents served by Steiner schools. We also reject any racism stated or implied in any of Rudolf Steiner's speeches and writings (dating from the mid-1880s to his death in 1925).

Further information may be found in the FAQ section of the SWSF website, here.

The school also endorses the statement Waldorf schools against discrimination, from the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education, which can be downloaded from the ECSWE here