Overseas Students

Opportunities for Steiner Waldorf students to visit the school

Come and join us at our school in one of the following ways:

Visiting Students Programme
There are still some places in classes 9 and 10 for the Spring and Summer terms in the school year 2015-16. Places for the school year 2016-17 will become available on 7th January 2016
If you are a student from a Steiner/Waldorf school in another country, you can apply to come to our school for one two or even three terms in Class 8, 9 or 10.

The cost for tuition varies, depending on the Class and term. Students stay with school families and the cost of accommodation (including all food and transport to and from school) is £130 per week for the school year 2015 -16. 

For more information on the Visiting Students Programme and to apply for a place please click here.

Summer Language School
Applications for SLS 2015 are now closed. Bookings for SLS 2016 will open on 1st December 2015 (for Steiner/Waldorf students) and on 7th January 2016 for all other students.
For three weeks every July students aged 14-18 from around the world come to our school to learn English in the mornings, and do many fun activities (sports, arts and crafts, and trips to nearby places) in the afternoons, some evenings and some of the time at the weekends.

SLS 2015 will run from 12th July - 1st August. Dates for SLS 2016 will be advertised in November

The course is intended primarily for students from Steiner/Waldorf schools, but students from other schools may apply.

We have 48 places on this course, but only allow 9 speakers of each language, to encourage everyone to speak English!

For more information on the Summer Language School please click here

Student exchanges

Please note that we cannot offer student exchanges in Class 10. This is because our students have national GCSE exams at the end of this year, and are not allowed to be away during the year. It is also not possible for Class 10 students to have an exchange with a Class 9 student at our school - sorry.

There are a limited number of exchanges available each year in Classes 8 and 9. Please contact me if you are interested in an exchange in Class 8 or 9 for the school year 2015-16. Please note there is a processing fee of £30 for exchanges, to cover our administration time.

Susanna Chapman,
Visiting Student Programme Co-ordinator
Tel: 0044 1803  897377 extension 213
Fax: 0044 1803 897518
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 South Devon Steiner School, Dartington, Devon TQ9 6AB, England
(Conversations can be held in English, German, French or Italian)