Steilacoom Community Church held its first meeting and worship service on March 5, 1883 and was officially incorporated on April 27, 1883 to bring the Gospel to the fledgling pioneer community of Steilacoom in the "Western Territories", six years before Washington became a state. Formerly known as "Oberlin Congregational Church," members voted to change their corporate name on Dec. 13, 2015 to "Steilacoom Community Church" to better reflect its identity and mission. The church is an unaffiliated, non-denominational church.

The church originally met in the vacant Presbyterian Mission. In 1902 church members voted to erect a new facilities. The old Presbyterian Mission was torn down and its lumber used in the new building, which was dedicated on June 2 and 3, 1903.

As the community and the church continued to grow during the 1950's, the decision was made in 1960 to build a new church at the corner of Rainier and Pacific Streets. The first phase was completed in 1961, the second in 1978 with the additions of a Fellowship Hall, Sunday school rooms, offices and kitchen.