Are you looking for a new church home?

Here are some tips on how to find a church home from Gordon Atkinson:

Think of your visit to a church as if it was a visit to someone’s home. Be gracious. Rather than concentrating on things you don’t like, make an effort to notice and affirm things the church does well.

  • Seek to worship more than you seek to evaluate. Enjoy discovering new ways of experiencing and serving God.

  • Be thankful for friendly churches, but do not be overly impressed with superficial greetings. The real test of community is investing in each other’s lives.

  • Pray for the church you visited each Sunday at lunch.

  • Do not put too much importance on the sermon. A good preacher is nice, but ministers come and go. The people of the congregation are the ones who sustain each other over the long haul.

  • Look for a church that will provide you with opportunities to serve others.

  • Try some small, out-of-the-way congregations. You might have to ask around to find them. Pay particular attention to churches that are new or are meeting in interesting locations.

  • Count your season of wandering as a time of spiritual growth and discernment. Do not be in a hurry, but do not waste Sundays either. Be about the task of finding your church home.
Finally this: You will not find your perfect church. Your perfect church does not exist. You should have a few things in your mind that are most important to you. Look for those things and don’t worry about the rest. Part of the joy of being in a community is learning to live with the faults and frailties of others, just as they learn to live with you and your idiosyncrasies.

Perhaps you will find a new home at Steilacoom Community Church ... We hope so!