"It's not complicated, it's elementary!"


Who we are/What we do

Sound Transformers is a FUN Wednesday night program for children ages 5-11. Starting at 5:45 for a family dinner we will enjoy building relationships. At 6:15 we will start worship with a small lesson followed by small group time and electives. The Electives offered will change every few weeks but look forward to keyboard, guitar, woodworking, art, along with many others!

Sound Transformers runs on Wednesdays all year long with breaks along the way. We also hold a week long VBS during the summer!


What the kids are saying!

Rey (Steilacoom)- "I like learning about how the Holy Spirit is always there to help us when we need it."

Ella (Lakewood) - " I had fun learning about Jesus and the Holy Spirit"

Olivia (Steilacoom)- " I liked that the Holy Spirit can give us the answers, like, if you don't know how to do art, he will help you,"

Clark (Steilacoom)- " I liked when we tried the gross tasting things."

Maya (Lakewood) - " I love Jesus"

Jayden (Steilacoom)- " I liked the games"