To accomplish the task you must follow the steps provided:

1.  First you will be assigned a partner.  You and your partner will each have a role to play.  One person will use the computer and classroom encyclopedias to locate information for your information sheets.  The other person will record the information found onto the information sheets.  After 2 sheets are completed you and your partner need to switch roles.

2.  You and your partner should click on the the words information sheet below and then print it out.

3.   You and your partner should complete the information sheet that you printed out by using the websites provided below and the classroom encyclopedias.

4.  You and your partner should create a PowerPoint or a Museum Box to present to the class.  Make sure you include all of the information collected on your information sheet.  Your project should include all eight topics on the information sheet.

5.  Add pictures to your PowerPoint or Museum Box that go along with each topic.

6.  Make sure you site all the sources you used to create your PowerPoint or Museum Box.

7.  Be prepared to present your PowerPoint or Museum Box to the class.  Both you and your partner must take part in the presentation.

Prairie Environment:

Prairie Animals:

Covered Wagon:

Log Cabin and Sod House:

Prairie Foods:


Homestead Act:

Osage Indians