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Accelerated Reading

When you go to the library be sure to do the following:

·         Take your AR Folder

·         Take your planner

·         Take your lunch card


While in the library:

·         Sign in

·         Look for a book in your reading range (this will be marked in your folder). Do NOT check out a book out of your range unless it has been cleared with your teacher.

·         Check out only one AR book at a time.

·         Take book to the librarian for check out.

·         Books will be checked out 3 weeks at a time.


Once you have your book:

·         Keep it in the protective bag when you are not reading it (protects from damage).

·         Read your AR book every day. Try to make time each evening to read.  Reading REGULARLY will help you retain t he information in the story better than if you do not read consistently.

·         Pay close attention to the due date in your book.  If you are not finished by the due date then get your book renewed at the library, to avoid a late fee.

·         Record the pages you read each day on your reading log in your AR folder.


When you are finished with your book:

·         Let your teacher know you are ready to test.

·         Let your teacher know if you have never taken an AR test and need help with the test taking process.

·         After test… return book to the library and check out another book!

Other Notes:

·         Students will need a folder to leave in the classroom for AR.

·         Students need to be aware the AR records are transferred from the Elementary and therefore a test on a book cannot be retaken if the student has already tested on that specific title.

·         Don’t assume we have the same test list that the Elementary has because we do not.

·         If you bring a book from home to use for AR, make sure we have a test for it.

·         Our AR selection in the library may look small compared to the elementary but 6th grade is the only class participating in AR while Elementary participates in the grades K-5, therefore they have more books to cover more grade levels.

·         Books are organized by the Dewey Decimal system so be aware of the colored labels that indicate your reading level.



·         AR will make up approximately 10% of your overall grade.

·         AR grade will be based on the average of your test scores and % of points towards AR goal.

·         AR goal will be 10 points per quarter. 


Testing Independent Reading Level:

Students will be given the following tests to determine present reading level:

o   Star Test

o   Gate MacGinitie Test


*If reading skills were not practiced over the summer, it is possible that students may test slightly lower than where they were previously reading.  Reading ranges will be determined based on these assessments and used as a starting point for AR. Reading ranges will be adjusted as needed throughout the school year.  The reading range is the level that students feel confident in their independent reading abilities and can successfully read for comprehension.


*When students have successfully tested on 2-3 books (in their reading range) with an 80% or higher, their reading level will be bumped up.