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Please phone 573-883-4500 ext. 1
My schedule:   1st, 4th, and 5th hours: German I
                        2nd hour: German II
                        3rd hour: German III and IV combined
                        6th hour: Middle School German Culture (1st semester) and Middle School German History (2nd semester)
                        7th hour: Plan

Officers.  Who's next?
The following German Club officers for 2012-2013 were elected on September 14, 2012: Historian Maurgan Weiler, Secretary Alauna Schultz, Treasurer Kim Brown, Vice President Nick Simms, and President Josh Daugette. 
Last year's officers were  Historian (Historikerin) Layne Devine, Secretary (Sekretärin) Sarah Steagall, Treasurer (Schatzmeisterin) Megan Picou, President (Präsident) Xavier Grither, and Vice President (Vize Präsident) Cody Buhl. 



What will we think of next???  Stay tuned; we're Moodling now, so for class pages, please go to my Moodle site



Chicago.  Really.  The windy city!  German III and IV students, along with French III and IV students took a field trip to Chicago from April 27 - 29, 2012. 

 2011-12 German Club Officers Layne Devine, Historikerin; Sarah Steagall, Sekretärin; Megan Picou, Schatzmeisterin; Xavier Grither, Präsident; and Cody Buhl, Vizepräsident.