Here are some archived resources that may be of help:

FIRST Robotics Chat Room from Team 2618

Team Resource page on

How-to Circuit from Team 1743

NEMO (Non Engineering Mentors Organization) Resources – good for team management, parent resources, publicity, travel, etc.

Chief Delphi forums – unofficial FIRST forums from Team 47

Workshop presentations from AndyMark

Workshops and Technical Information from WPI

Rookie Resources

Rookie FIRSTs from Team 3504

Moementum from Team 365

Rookie Resources from Team 1885

Team Management Resources

Example Gantt Chart for FRC from Team 3511

Programming Resources

Basic Drive Code from Trevor Decker

CAD Resources

Autodesk FIRST resources

CAD Libary from Team 1323

Archived Workshop Sessions

Retrieved from CMU Robotics Academy

2009 FRC Testbed
slides (Internet Explorer-only html)

Design, Planning, & Testing: a professional approach to robotics projects
Wes Huang, Applied Perception, Inc.
slides (pdf)

Electronic Connectors
slides (pdf)

Getting Started & Resources for your FIRST Team
slides (pdf)

Mechanical Considerations
slides (pdf)

FIRST Robotics: A view from the Systems Engineering Perspective
Chris Mikus
slides (pdf)

First Year Rookie Team Experiences
Team 2051
slides (pdf)

Shipping Your Robot
slides (pdf)

Top Ten Rules On Running a Team
slides (pdf)