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Google Sites - Table of Contents

posted 17 Mar 2009, 05:43 by Stephen Hind   [ updated 5 Mar 2014, 06:53 by Stephen Hind ]
Google do not provide instructions on how to do everything and one of the useful features of Google Sites is the Table of Contents tool.

To get the Table of Contents to work correctly it's a two stage process and the two stages are detailed below in the instructions.


  1. Format your Headings as Headings

  2. The Table of Contents has to know what you want in it: the way to do this is to select the text you want to appear as headings and use the Format button followed by the appropriate level of heading; Heading (H2) being the most important and Minor Heading (H4) being the least important.  In this article I have included a Table of Contents on the right: as you can see I have used Sub-Heading (H3) for "Instructions" and Minor Heading (H4) for "Format your Headings as Headings".
  3. Insert the Table of Contents

    You then need to decide where you want the table of contents to appear: I quite often like my tables of contents to appear floating on the right with the text flowing around it, so when I insert one I choose to Align it to the Right and switch Wrap On. In this article I have split the page in to two columns and inserted the Table of Contents in the right column and floating on the left (I kept the width to 250px).
    One interesting use of the Table of Contents is to insert it at the top of the page at 100% width and use it for an FAQ styled page: you would need to format each question as a heading and the answer as Normal Paragraph text, this way the Table of Contents can distinguish between the question and answer and only display the question in the Table of Contents at the top of the page.
    To add the Table of Contents you need to use the Insert button, followed by Table of contents.


Make headings and insert the table: I hope this helps you make good use of the Table of Contents.

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