Who We Are 

The College of Saints John Fisher & Thomas More (“Fisher More College”) is a place of teaching and learning, dedicated to the study of the liberal arts, the humanities, and the scholastic tradition, faithful to the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and liturgical traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. 

Our Mission

The mission of the College is to “cooperate with divine grace in forming the true and perfect Christian, that is, to form Christ Himself.” (Pope Pius XI, Divini Illius Magistri). To achieve this proper end, the College assists the family and the Church in guiding the souls committed to its care toward the purpose for which God created them: to know, to love, and to serve Him. 

The Means to Fulfill Our Mission

In order to assist men and women in attaining the supernatural end of heavenly beatitude, all activities of the College are ordered toward providing means to know, to love, and to serve Almighty God. 

To know God is made possible by proper formation of the intellect through a rigorous course of studies that begins with the Liberal Arts, Classical Languages, and History, and culminates in Literature, Philosophy, and Theology. This curriculum enables students to deepen their knowledge of God by rightly ordering their thoughts, helping them to discern order in the created world, cultivating their imagination, and preparing them to receive supernatural truths communicated by divine revelation. 

To love God is made possible by correct formation of the will through a spiritual and moral life that is centered on the rich liturgical traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacraments, common prayer, sacred music, and a commitment to spiritual formation and the interior life are intended to encourage the development of divine charity.

To serve God is made possible by right formation of character through a vibrant, joyful Catholic culture and a spirit of work, discipline, cooperation, modesty, friendship and civility that pervades campus life. This culture and spirit enables students to develop the virtues necessary for their state in life, to grow in service and charity toward God and neighbor in order to answer Christ’s call to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

Why Study at Fisher More College?

If you desire to maintain your Catholic Faith during College, look for a College that maintains the Catholic Faith.

Dr. Taylor Marshall,
Chancellor of the College, Fellow, and Professor of Philosophy

Fisher More College believes that fidelity to Christ and His Church should be the first goal of a Catholic student. We provide a rigorous classical curriculum that includes intensive Latin, and the study of the texts by Plato, Aristotle, St Augustine, St Boethius, St Thomas Aquinas, and many other great works of the Western intellection tradition. Yet the heart of our campus is not the classroom, but the chapel where we assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, pray the Rosary, and pray the Divine Office.

Fisher More College provides an accredited four-year Liberal Arts degree rooted in Catholic Tradition. In a culture that no longer presupposes the Catholic worldview, it is necessary to rebuild the very foundations of a Christian society. The restoration of all things in Christ pertains chiefly to the soul of the apostolate and its disposition to respond to the supernatural life of grace flowing from Christ. Read More

College News

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