Stewardship and Giving

Stewardship and Giving                               Contribute ONLINE

What is Stewardship?

Simply put, stewardship is “all that we do, with all that we have, all of the time.” It is an invitation to fully receive everything that we have been given by God, and to respond in kind by returning the gift to God. It involves coming to an understanding that all we are and all we have is through the grace of God.

What is a Pledge?

Your pledge is your commitment, made at the beginning of the year, to pay whatever you feel God is moving you to give during the course of the year.

What happens to my Pledge?

Once all pledges are collected, the Vestry formulates a budget. The pledges determine staffing  and programming as well as the ministries and outreach we can undertake as Christ’s people in this community.

How Much Should I Give?

This is a very personal question — one which should be prayed over and discussed as a family, as you consider God’s blessings in your life. The amount you pledge often reflects where you are in your journey.

We are all on a journey, and we are all at different spiritual levels on that journey.  Stewardship is a part of our Christian walk.  It is part of the mission of this church.  Take some time and reflect on where you are on this journey.  This year step forward in your faith, and step up in your pledge.

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