Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (“The Atrium”)

Level 1: Ages 3–K
Level 2: Grades 1–3
Level 3: Grades 4 & 5
We are pleased to offer a unique approach to the religious formation of children. This method is known as the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, and it uses Montessori educational principles, while recognizing the developmental, spiritual needs and capacities of each child.
The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd takes its name from one of the earliest and most central stories offered to children, the parable of the Good Shepherd. It helps the child enjoy a relationship with God. This program draws on the child’s natural desire to know God—we give the child room to explore his or her faith at an early age.
The program takes place in a room for each Level called The Atrium (located upstairs in the Administration Building), a prepared space especially for the children of St. Edward’s in which every object is a help to knowing God. It is a place of simplicity and order, prayer and work and community. Everything in these rooms is intended to be appropriate to the ages and sizes of children who gather there. The furniture is child-sized to foster moving about freely, working comfortably, using and moving objects. It is their religious needs that guide the catechesis. The materials aid the children in their understanding of the liturgy of the church and the essential tenets of our faith. You and your child will be enriched by this program. We are blessed to offer it here at St. Ed’s.
All Atrium classes meet upstairs in the administration building.