Buy Local with the Cub Scouts

The local Boy and Cub Scouts are participating in a new local community project that SAVES you money!!

It's called Buy Local with the Cub Scouts

  • Local Scouts have partnered with great local businesses.
  • Current parents and leaders have been registered to be a subscriber of "Buy Local with the Boy Scouts".
  • As a subscriber, you receive one "local deals" email and possibly two text messages per week.
  • Your contact information in not shared with anyone and not used for any other purposes.
  • Troop 194, Pack 194 and the Western Council receive a portion of the advertisers' fees so that Scouting can continue to grow and contribute to youth and the community.
  • TRANSLATION: The more people that sign up, the more money the Pack and Troop receive...and YOU get deals from great local businesses!!


We now have over 1,000 email addresses signed up and the campaign has begun, but the more people who join the better. Please ask local friends and family if they'd like to share in these deals and just enter their details into this form, or email those names and email addresses to The deals are free and people can always opt-out quickly and easily if they decide they don't want the weekly email.

Thanks for keeping Steamboat Scouting strong!