Backing Up

BackupBacking up your Data

Everyone who uses a computer to save or store files will at some time or another experience that heart stopping moment when they realize their files are lost.

As part of being a responsible user of technology it is expected that you will regularly back up your own data.

A full backup should be part of your regular file management cycle, it should be done at least each week, possibly on the weekend in preparation for the coming week.

The College ILT department does not back up the work on your desktop or notebook computer. You are responsible for doing this.  

Why is back up important??

Unfortunately, saving up your files in your personal computer does not guarantee that all information will be saved. Be aware that accidents and system failures do happen - backing up your data can prevent data loss.

All users need to plan a data backup strategy to protect their information such as text documents, presentations and other valuable information/files needed for any work done using their computers.


You can lose your data in a number of ways. the most common ways are:
  • Accidental deletion
  • Hard disk failure / corruption
  • Virus infection
  • Damage / loss or theft of the physical machine

How should I back up my data & to where??

You need to store a copy of all your important files in a different location to where your computer is situated. This also includes Favorites and/or bookmarks.

USB DriveQuick backups of regularly used files can be on a UBS thumb drive that you can carry with you.

Your weekly full back up should to an external drive such as your Google Drive (in the cloud)

Backing up to Google Drive

The Great thing about your Google Drive is that you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection, and Google provides you unlimited Storage on your College account.

You can access your Google Drive through myCollege -> Google Drive

You can upload files or entire folders into your Google Drive.  You can also drag files or folders directly into your Google Drive.  Depending on the size of your files, it may take some time to upload.  Make sure the files finish uploading before you close the browser.

Backing up on your Windows Machine (Windows 7 and Higher)

Files such as music/photos are to be placed on your personal external storage (USB flash or hard drive) - NOT on the college network.

You should use Google Drive to backup your files and folders to. 

Backup and the College's ILT Centre

The College has an expectation that students will have backed up all of their documents before presenting a notebook to be worked on. If a student has not backed up their work, they will be asked to back up their work before the machine is sent away for any repair. The College ILT staff do not backup your computer for you.

If you are unsure about how to backup, please visit the staff in the ILT Centre for assistance