Live Stream From Verbier

the weather continued in our favour with clear blue skies above freshly powdered slopes.  Perfect ski weather.  After the predictable commotion that was caused by everyone solving the complex problems provided by an array of new buckles and zips, we all piled onto a bus to ride to the first gondola.  We headed up to a gentle slope called Le Chaux, a perfect place for familiarising ourselves with the strange new contraptions attached to our feet.

: and we were lucky enough to arrive to fresh snow!  After the synthetic plane food we were grateful to gorge on a hearty lunch of risotto and fresh bread, washed down with... tap water (in HK it's sold as Evian for HKD10 a bottle, but since Evian itself is just round the corner from us here in Verbier, the same stuff comes out of the tap for free!). Then there was a hasty boot and ski fitting before the all important business of taking aim and covering each other in a liberal helping of fresh snow!  Finally, after a quick trip into town to look around and another bite to eat (freshly cooked lasagna) everyone headed off for some ice action of a different sort on the local rink.