About SPL

Enquiries - contact Pete Horsford: phorsford@stcolumbs.org.au

St. Columbs Premiership League (aka SPL) is supported and run by St. Columbs Anglican Church Hawthorn. We started in 2010 at a time when the press in India was reporting on violence against Indian tertiary students in Melbourne. We found that many overseas students were too nervous to leave their homes at night so, after a few big workings bees and some demolition work on our old church hall (opened in 1885), Pete Horsford ran a match on a Summer’s evening with seven blokes from St. Columbs playing – we had the doors open to let in the air so passers by saw what was happening. By the end of that evening there were around twenty people playing.

SPL is indoor cricket with outdoor rules. It has its own oddities, a sloping floor (a one metre drop over twenty five metres), a narrow playing area with hard walls for the first metre from the floor then nets, stadium seating, projected score boards, streaming to the internet, speed camera, count down clock and specialised comps just to mix up the teams. But that is cricket. You can play it at at the ‘G’ and you can play it in the street – we play it in a church hall that we call ‘The Chapel'

Check us out on Facebook or drop in to The Chapel at 446 Burwood Road Hawthorn – opposite Swinburne Uni and the Hawthorn Hotel.