HELP!! We are in need of some lunch monitors!! If you can give an hour and have your clearances, please contact Annemarie in the office!!!

Second full week at school and the children are really getting into the routine! Our days of certainly full and they are working really hard in all of the subjects! I tell the kids about Mrs. Tremper's rule of reading and writing daily, and they are really getting into the swing of doing both in any subject! We have also had time for some fun activities that go along with our Common Core skills; such as some Noun bingo, and center activities with reading and vocab. and spelling practice games. Math games and interactive fun on the smartboard too! The list is too long but I'm sure you see from the math homework and the other activities, the great progression they've made as first graders already! Make sure they do the puppet show about the story of Zaccheus from Religion!! They had a lot of fun with making the puppets and retelling the story!! 

Grading system:  O=Outstanding, VG=Very Good, G=Good, S=Satisfactory, I=Improvement Needed, U=Unsatisfactory

Remember it is Library on Monday and the kids will need to return their book to be able to choose another! 

Please remember that the homework is posted online under the HOMEWORK tab, so if your child is absent or you lose the homework sheet, you can always check the site! That being said, if your child is out of school, and have books home, please try to get the homework done so they can stay up with the class. All vocabulary and Spelling lists are located under the PARENT INFO. page of this site, for you to look at any time!

Absent notes are a MUST, so  please make sure to send one in when your child is absent. If it is 3 or more days consecutively and NOT a family trip, they MUST have a note for a doctor! 

Please practice tying shoes; many of the boys and girls still do not know how to do this and it is really important for safety and part of their uniform! There are some really interesting tutorials on Youtube that might help if your child has had difficulty! 

YouTube Video


Mrs. Tremper has reminded the children about tied shoes often, so if your child doesn't tie, please continue working on that skill, it is important so they don't fall and get hurt! 

++Please be reminded that the students go out at Lunch recess, and now that the weather is colder, make sure they are dressed accordingly!++

Make sure to check out the class photo's page with pictures from Spirit day, Halloween and other events! Check out the school facebook page as well, where you can see more photos too! Our school page is Saint Christopher Catholic School, if you haven't checked it out before. 

Mrs. Marshall