Well, we had a FANTASTIC Special Person afternoon on Friday! I hope that the children and their special person had lots of fun crafting, singing and sharing a sweet treat! The faces of both the kids and adults really expressed the fun of the afternoon! Many thanks go to Ms. McLaughlin, for working on the songs with the children in Fine Arts and to Mrs. Rios and Home and School, for taking care of the treats!! Be sure to check some of the photos on the 2018-19 photo tab as well as the school Facebook page!

We DID accomplish lots of work this week so we were ready for Special Person Day! Lots of work on writing, reading and math and of course Lent in Religion! We were finishing up with some loose ends to finalize grades for the second trimester; as Friday was the end. Can you believe that Monday starts the 3rd trimester??!! This year is really flying and the kids are absorbing so much! Report cards will be this coming week! 

Thanks for your help with working on our Lenten Lenny activities and how we can grow during this season of Lent! We have been working on The Stations of the cross in class, and a Lenten Journey booklet too. Of course we did read and learn about St. Patrick too! The children also enjoy when Mr. Ian, our seminarian comes to visit and do a little mini lesson with our Religion!

As always, thank you for all of your help as we work as a team to educate the children!
Mrs. Marshall

Grading system:  O=Outstanding, VG=Very Good, G=Good, S=Satisfactory, I=Improvement Needed, U=Unsatisfactory

Special Schedule
A Day= Library
B Day=Gym
C Day
D Day=Science lab/Computer
E Day=Fine Arts

Please remember that the homework is posted online under the HOMEWORK tab, so if your child is absent or you lose the homework sheet, you can always check the site! That being said, if your child is out of school, and have books home, please try to get the homework done so they can stay up with the class. All vocabulary and Spelling lists are located under the PARENT INFO. page of this site, for you to look at any time!

Absent notes are a MUST, so  please make sure to send one in when your child is absent. If it is 3 or more days consecutively and NOT a family trip, they MUST have a note for a doctor! 

Please practice tying shoes; many of the boys and girls still do not know how to do this and it is really important for safety and part of their uniform! There are some really interesting tutorials on Youtube that might help if your child has had difficulty! 

YouTube Video


Mrs. Tremper has reminded the children about tied shoes often, so if your child doesn't tie, please continue working on that skill, it is important so they don't fall and get hurt! 

Make sure to check out the class photo's page with pictures from Spirit day, Halloween and other events! Check out the school facebook page as well, where you can see more photos too! Our school page is Saint Christopher Catholic School, if you haven't checked it out before. 

Mrs. Marshall