This coming Tuesday, May 23rd, our class will honor Mary and crown her with flowers. If you can send flowers that would be great, Please don't go crazy with expensive bouquets. Back yard flowers are great too!!

Only 17 days left!!! It is amazing that we are so near to the end of another school year! First grade will be finishing up with a few lessons in Math, Reading and Religion to prepare for end of year testing. We will be sending home some study sheets to help your children prepare for the tests; as well as a schedule of when each will take place.

I'm looking forward to our animal presentations this week and hope we can get them all done by Thursday before our mini vacation for Memorial Day! Thanks again for all of your help at home and working with your children to learn more about the animal they researched. 

Please remember that the homework is posted online under the HOMEWORK tab, so if your child is absent or you lose the homework sheet, you can always check the site! That being said, if your child is out of school, and have books home, please try to get the homework done so they can stay up with the class. 

Absent notes are a MUST, so  please make sure to send one in when your child is absent. If it is 3 or more days consecutively and NOT a family trip, they MUST have a note for a doctor! 

Please practice tying shoes; many of the boys and girls still do not know how to do this and it is really important for safety and part of their uniform! There are some really interesting tutorials on Youtube that might help if your child has had difficulty!


Mrs. Tremper has reminded the children about tied shoes often, so if your child doesn't tie, please continue working on that skill, it is important so they don't fall and get hurt! 

++Please be reminded that the students go out at Lunch recess, and now that the weather is colder, make sure they are dressed accordingly!++

Just an FYI: the Archdiocese let us know that as of the second trimester and going forward, all Spelling grades will NOW be in the writing portion of the grading system. 

Make sure to check out the class photo's page with pictures from Spirit day, Halloween and other events! Check out the school facebook page as well, where you can see more photos too! Our school page is Saint Christopher Catholic School, if you haven't checked it out before. 

Mrs. Marshall

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