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Re-Enrollment Required for Every Returning Student

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After-Hours Emergency Service
Parents - If you have an emergency situation after regular school hours, we now offer the ability to call your child's school, press "0" for an operator, and the call will be forwarded to an answering service. Only emergency situations will be forwarded to school personnel.

A new service is now available from SchoolMessenger! With Quick Tip, students and other stakeholders are empowered to anonymously submit tips and other feedback to authorized school and district administrators. Anyone with access to the web or to a smartphone has access to SchoolMessenger Quick Tip, and can be confident that their tip will be submitted and received. For more information, please click here for the flyer. To submit a tip, use this link.

Null School is redefining Leadership!
Encouraging, and 
Achieving every single day.
Role in each and every way.
Smiling and
Helping makes people want to stay
Personal performance is the way. Hey!

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Null Mission Statement
It is the mission of George M. Null School to ensure high academic achievement for all students by providing a safe, caring, positive environment designed to meet individual needs.   

This mission will be achieved through mutual respect, high expectations, and collaboration among parent, students, and the entire school community.

Null Kindness
Because of our participation in the Great Kindness Challenge, Null has been officially certified as a Kindness Certified School!

2017 Eclipse Across America Monday, August 21, 2017

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Schoolwide Leadership Roles!

Leadership Roles 16-17

Null's New Buddy Bench!

Buddy Bench