Mrs. Binger -- 1st Grade

Hi! First Graders and Parents,
Welcome to our 1st grade web page.  This web page will provide you with information about the 1st grade class that Mrs. Binger teaches in the morning.  Mrs. Binger teaches math, religion, science and social studies to the first graders during the morning session.  She also teaches art to the first graders. 
Parents, you will need to check this website at least once a week for information being posted regarding our schedule, homework and other things happening in the first grade classroom.  Mrs. Nolan-Olson has a separate website for communicating with all of you.  Make sure you check both frequently.

I am really looking forward to working with you and your child this year.  Together we will have a wonderful year!

Feel free to contact me regarding your child at --
God Bless You!
Mrs. Binger

Inspired by His grace, we choose to serve others