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SCRIP is a very important fundraiser for our school. Fifty percent of the rebates earned fund projects such as updating curriculum, future enrichment activities and also upgrading technology. The remaining fifty percent is credited to the families to use towards tuition credits. The school families and parishioners of St. Charles may also elect to have their fifty percent put in the St. Charles School Fund, Religious Education Fund, Sanders Memorial Scholarship, Wing Memorial Scholarship or the Antonelli Memorial Scholarship.  Please note you may elect to designate your SCRIP credit to a current school or religious education family.

SCRIP can be ordered weekly by returning an order form to the SCRIP office by Wednesday at 8 am with a payment of cash or check. You can also place an order online at shopwithscrip.com and then sending a check or cash into the SCRIP office or using your Presto Pay account.  A full description of Presto Pay is available by clicking the link below.

SCRIP - How It Adds Up

Presto Pay




For further information, please contact the Academy Office. 
Phone Number: 586-2531
Email Address:

Family Sign Up!     

1. Go to the ShopWithScrip website (www.shopwithscrip.com).

2. Purchase SCRIP for things you normally use such as gas, groceries, restaurants, home goods. You help our school just by taking this step in your purchasing routine.

Sound difficult?? We can help. Contact us and we can walk you through your order.

Kroger gives back to Saint Charles School and your SCRIP account!
Here's how it works:

2.  Create a new account or add St. Charles School to your existing account.

Year after year, our school earns money through the Kroger Community Rewards Program. You can even have family and friends enroll and earn towards your SCRIP account. Just simply notify the SCRIP Office of their Kroger Plus Card numbers.

You must re-enroll every April 1st to have St. Charles receive your Community Rewards.

In order to receive your tuition credit from Kroger Community Rewards, you must print and send in your quarterly report.  This report must have: Your name, St. Charles School and amount earned.  This can be found in your account under Community Rewards.  This must be done for every Kroger Card you want to receive credit from and turned in together, quarterly.

Quarter ending January 31, print between March 1 and April 1

Quarter ending April 30, print between June 1 and July 1

Quarter ending July 31, print between September 1 and October 1

Quarter ending October 31, print between December 1 and January 1

It's Easy... just shop, swipe your card & earn!