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School History

History of Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic School

Saint Charles School officially opened its doors to welcome its first student body on February l0, l9l3. Within the next few years it had acquired a student body of l50 students and 5 teaching sisters from the Immaculate Heart of Mary Community from Monroe, Michigan. The school continued to grow, adding onto the elementary grades, the first two high school years.

On January 9, l923, an arsonist set fire to the school, totally destroying the structure. Immediate steps were taken to erect a larger and more modern school. With the support of Saint Charles Parish and the assistance of sympathetic friends, a new school had been built along with a new parish social hall. By September, all was ready for the next school year.

In l944, the high school was discontinued due to both the opening of a boy’s school, Catholic Central in Monroe, and the over-crowdedness in the elementary school as enrollment had now grown to 300. This was cause for another school to be built. On April 3, l966, ground was again broken for the new building and by February, students in grades l-4 were moving in.

In September l987, Pre-Kindergarten and a regular Kindergarten were added to St. Charles which expanded the student body to l67 students.

In September of l990, ground was once again broken, but this time it was for a New Hall/Gymnasium. The New Hall contained a large regulation size gymnasium, a full kitchen with storerooms, plus an upstairs level that would eventually become the Computer Lab and Library. The New Hall was completed in the summer of l99l with students using the facilities for the first time in the l99l-l992 school year. Plans for a school library to occupy the upstairs of the New Hall were quickly put into action. On May l0, l994, the new school library was opened and dedicated to the parents of the students who worked hard to prepare the room for the children by painting, cataloguing, etc.

In April of 1995, a Computer Lab was established with a donation of used computers. New for the l996-97 school year, the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes were housed in the upstairs of the Old Hall to allow more room for activities and a larger number of students to attend. In the winter of 2007, an addition to the New Hall/Gymnasium was completed. Four rooms were added including locker rooms for the boys and girls sports program as well as athletic department storage.

Saint Charles School has had a steady enrollment of approximately 200 students for several years. With new subdivisions and houses springing up throughout the community, we are hopeful that enrollment will remain strong. Saint Charles will continue to serve its young people by instilling high moral standards, a love and service to God, and a respect for all people.

As of 2015, Saint Charles School continually kept up with the technology and curriculum! We had SMART Boards and Elmo Projectors in every classroom, a computer lab and netbooks purchased from PTG and memorial donations within our parish. We were very excited that our technology program continued to expand as we upgraded equipment and added an iPad program. Phase one of the iPad program was completed in 2014 which included faculty, and 5th-8th grade iPads and charging carts.  Phase two was completed in 2015 which included iPad centers in Lower El, Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten classrooms.

In 2017, Saint Charles School was changed to Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Academy and adopted a crest to reflect its history and values.  Construction was also completed and students entered the 2017-2018 academic year in our newly constructed building!  This building consists of our 1-8 grade classrooms, library/multimedia room, restrooms, faculty lounge, and main office.  With the move into the new wing, our Early Childhood Center transformed into our 1966 building.  This wing consists of our Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms.  All classrooms in both wings have either a SMART Board or BenQ interactive board to enhance teaching and learning.  

In the 2019-2020 academic year, we were able to implement a 1:1 chromebook program for our 5th-8th grade students.  Teachers and students utilize Google Classroom and continue to integrate technology into daily lessons.  Preschool through 4th grades utilize a 1:1 iPad program in their classrooms.  

Also, in 2019, the original school building from 1913 which was rebuilt in 1923, was torn down due to its condition.  A Rosary Garden is planned to be built in its place to honor the history of our parish and school.  

View the groundbreaking of the original St. Charles Borromeo School.