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Academy Fundraising

Saint Charles has an auction every year to raise funds for our educational programs.  Our auction has been instrumental in obtaining iPads, computers, AR program and audio/visual technologies.  Our auction is successful due to the volunteer efforts of our staff, faculty and families.

Each box top coupon collected is worth 10 cents for our school.  
For instructions and more information go to www.boxtops4education.com

1. Download the app. The instructions are found at the site above. 
2. Set up your account. 
3. Scan your receipt using your phone and the app. The app works for any receipts that carry Box top             products.  Online shopping instructions are available within the app.  
4. Submit!  DONE! 
5. You have just helped raise money for our academy! 

School Readers Digest Fundraiser
Please remind all your friends and family that they can still renew all their magazine subscriptions while supporting our school by using the online website at QSP.COM 

Be sure to use St. Charles Account Number (425009910) when participating.