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President - Michelle Brinkmeier (rollerm@umich.edu)

Vice President - Jennifer Brinkmeier (Jbrinkmeier0418@gmail.com)

Secretary -   Judy Sorovetz  (jasorovetz@charter.net)

Treasurer - Deb DeVault (debdevault@gmail.com)

The PTG at St. Charles is a group of caring parents and teachers who want our students to enjoy school. It consists of four officers, our principal, teachers, and all parents willing to help. We meet once a month to discuss school events and make the decisions needed to hold the events our students enjoy so much.
Some of the PTG sponsored events include….
  •  Roller Skating and Ice Skating Parties
  •  Birthday parties for our Priest
  •  Halloween Parties and Movie Nights
  •  Teacher Appreciation Week
  •  Talent Show
  •  Santa's Workshop
  •  Lego Club
  •  Concert Hospitality
  •  Grand "Persons" Day Mass
  •  Back to School Picnic
  •  Craft Show
  •  Mom 2 Mom Sale
  •  Uniform Swap  
PTG’s most important sponsored event is, St. Charles’s Annual PTG Auction. Our parents, volunteers and staff at the school put this event on to generate the funds needed to assist our school in providing the education for which we are known. The funds raised help to provide the school with upgrades in technology, curriculum and supplies. The most recent purchases made were iPads, charging carts and online curriculum for the 6th, 7th and 8th grades.  

St. Charles School has an incredible group of parent volunteers who spend a lot of time and energy helping their children have the finest education. This school is great because of our dedicated staff and the dedication of our parents and volunteers.  The volunteers help run the library, and run after school programs.  PTG organizes volunteers for events and keeps the parents connected.

The PTG events are run by volunteers and these hours go toward the mandatory volunteer hours at St. Charles.  Our mandatory volunteer hours were put into place to encourage participation in PTG events. This will enable us to continue the wonderful events we provide for our students.


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Please fill out this form, ATTACH RECEIPT/RECEIPTS and deliver them to the PTG Treasurer.They can be sent through the Communicator. If this is a bill that needs to be paid, please attach the bill to this form and the Treasurer will mail it.