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Family Volunteer Hours and Form

Mandatory School Volunteer Hours  - Form: (Click Here)

Our volunteers are a vital part of the success of St. Charles School.  The need for volunteers has become more important every year as we continue to grow as a school community.  Each family is required to complete 10 hours of verified service to St. Charles School or school related activities between August 1 and May 31.  Included in these hours will be 3 auction volunteer hours. Families may not bank hours for subsequent years.

- Service hours are to be completed by parents of the students only.

- Partial hours of service are rounded up to the nearest half hour.

- Families may not transfer hours to other school families.

- A family will be billed $30, not to exceed $300, for each uncompleted hour of service on the       subsequent year’s tuition and fee statement.

Please direct questions to the School Office at 734-586-2531.

CYO concession stand hours cannot be used toward school service hours, but other CYO volunteer hours can be used toward school service hours.  Summer Auction Hours can also be used.

Once you have hours completed the following information must be turned into the school office using the Service Hour Verification Form:


1. Parent Name

2. Student Name(s)

3. Student(s) Grade

4. Dates of Service

5. Hours of Service

6. Brief Description of Service