Regular Activities
  • Chinese language school classes (currently offered to children only, both Chinese and non-ethnic Chinese). Time: 2:00 - 4:00 pm, every Sunday. Location: Binghamton University, Student Wing, third floor. See our school link for details.
  • Seminars. Topics cover flower planting, paper folding, calligraphy, Chinese literature collection in Binghamton University, Family Finance and Insurance 101, Health 101, etc. The seminars are held in the same time and location as the Chinese language school. See our home page for announcements.
Annual Activities (See our homepage for detailed dates and time of upcoming activities)
  • Mid-Autumn (moon) Festival party in September or October.
  • Broome County Ethnic Festival (Performance and Food sale) in October.
  • First Night Celebration (Calligraphy) – New Year’s Eve
  • Spring Festival party in January or February
  • Discovery center Chinese Culture Day.
  • Father's Day picnic in June.