St. Boniface PTO

Welcome back to another wonderful school year at St. Boniface! 

St. Boniface Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a faith and family based organization comprised of devoted parents, teachers and staff members of St. Boniface Catholic School. PTO members selflessly devote countless hours of their time along with an abundance of  imagination all in an effort  to give back to their school and create life long memories and experiences  for all St. Boniface children. 

It has been a mission of St. Boniface PTO to assist with strengthening the bond between parents and teachers as our children matriculate through the years. On an average weekday schedule, children will spend the majority of their waking hours at school and a much smaller portion at home- So in a sense, we are all parenting and the family bond at St. Boniface catholic school is like no other.

Teachers are extra special human beings and our school is a plethora of historical knowledge, but there are times when they both need extra care and extra hands and that is where the PTO come together to assist. Whether it is restoring the beauty of buildings, fund raising for supplies or creating party events the PTO is there to help.