About the Teacher

Ms. Sharon Culleton

Welcome to Grade 4! I have been teaching for 29 years and have taught across all three divisions - Primary/Elementary, Jr. High and Sr. High. I began my teaching career in Ontario and moved home to Newfoundland in 2002 to raise my daughter. I have been working at St. Bon's since 2003; in the early years I taught in the Jr. High as well served as a literacy support teacher for Primary/Elementary students. Of all the courses and areas of study that I have taught, my passion is working with Elementary aged students.

Humour is very important in what I do in order to help foster my students' learning. With light hearts, I find students are more willing to be open to their own growth, which is an important part of the Elementary School experience.

Another important aspect to my teaching is to pursue the teachable moment wherever it may go. Following a student's interest or ideas is what sparks the lightbulb moment - a key part of authentic learning and student engagement.

Finally, the core of my teaching style is all built on relationships. Spending time with my students and letting them get to know me through stories, pictures and sharing personal experiences is very important in building trust. Students feel important and recognized through these relationships.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. I can be reached at: