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About Our Alumni

Our Graduates' Academic & Merit Based Scholarships

Education is truly an investment in the future.

Each year, our graduates are awarded an astounding amount of scholarships. 
Over 40 scholarships were presented to 23 different members of the senior class. These scholarships range in value up to $2000 and over $30,000 in local scholarship money was presented to the class of 2015.

In total, 18 graduates have been offered scholarships at their schools worth over $270,000. These scholarships are often renewable for each of the 4 years of college, the projected value of these scholarships is over  one million dollars

This scholarship money was earned due to the student's merit and should not to be confused with financial aid- which is based on a family’s ability to pay.

Thank you parents for choosing to send your student to St. Bernard's CCHS - it is truly an investment in their future.

Why St. Bernard's?!

Current students were asked, “Why should students consider St. Bernard’s Central Catholic High School when choosing a high school?” Here are some of their comments:

“The teachers challenge each student to work above his or her potential.” 

“The teachers are friendly and easy to talk to.” 

“With levels of learning, each student is placed according to his or her potential so each student can excel.”
“Colleges see our success rate so students have an easier time being accepted at college.”
“STBCCHS has an excellent sports reputation and a good sports facility.”
Mike Lefebvre ’09 

“Awesome teachers who challenge the students to learn and never give more than the student can handle.”
“A teacher at STBHS never ignores falling grades of any student and always offers help.”
“Students make plenty of friends. Most people make their new friends, and sometimes their best friends, through the many school teams, clubs, and events.”
Sam Ingemi ’09 

“The exceptional education a student will receive. The student will learn new and exciting information while also being challenged to work hard and be responsible.”
“The friendly atmosphere makes students feel comfortable and not afraid to make new friends or approach teachers with questions.”
“The student will be respected and will not worry about bullying.”
“The school offers countless varsity and junior varsity sports.”
Martin Connors ’09 

“One reason is the friendly atmosphere. Since it is a small school, everyone knows everyone and people are friends with everyone. Also the upperclassmen are always nice to the underclassmen because of the tightly knit activities that unite each class.”
“Maybe the most important reason of all is that St. Bernard’s helps students prepare for college and presents to the students just how important these four years of school are to our future.”
Jessica Moll ’09 

“Colleges know St. Bernard’s High School has challenging classes and that any student here has been properly educated in college preparatory classes.”
“The students and faculty are a very caring and concerned group of people who are welcoming to any new pupil.”
“The friendly atmosphere is inviting.”
Alicia Fiset ’09 

“The students respect each other and do not put each other down.”
“The teachers are always there if a student has a problem or just needs someone to talk to.”
“The school is known for its high academic standards, therefore is looked upon as a school with highly eligible students for college entrance.”
Stephanie Tait ’09 

“St. Bernard’s has top-notch academics. The teachers are dedicated to the education of all the students.”
Another reason is the athletic program. All the teams have great coaches that strive to make their players better at not only being an athlete but at being a great human being.”
“The student to teacher ratio is good and everyone knows each other.”
Sean Toohey ’09

"Everyone here is nice to each other."
"There are great teachers here. The teachers are always willing to to help when a student is stuck."
"In a small school such as St. Bernard's, students and teachers get to know everyone. In a big school, normally students do not know half the people they go to school with."
Kelly Finn '09 

"There are many great teachers that love what they do. If you need help with anything, they will always be willing to help and take time going over things."
"At STBHS there are many clubs and activities to be involved in, like Habitat for Humanity and drama. Students can make new friends and help the community."
Mogan Buckley '09

Where Are Our Graduates?

With a 100% college acceptance rate, STB's class of 2015 have chosen to matriculate at the following colleges and universities:

Assumption College

Bakersfield College (CA)

Clark University

Emmanuel College

Fitchburg State University (8)

Fordham University

Lasell College (2)

Mount Wachusett Community College (2)

Newbury College

Penn State University

Plymouth State University

Purdue University

Regis College

Saint Anselm College (3)

Southern New Hampshire University

Southern Vermont College

Thomas College

University of Connecticut

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

University of Massachusetts-Boston

University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

University of Massachusetts-Lowell (3)

University of New Hampshire (2)

Washington and Lee University (VA)

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Western New England University

Westfield State University (2)

Worcester State University (3)

 (#) indicates the number of graduates attending

Thank You St. Bernard's CCHS

Derek recieved a Scholar-Athlete Award for making the Dean's list for his 1st semester while representing Westfield State in Golf.

He often says how he feels well prepared for college as he sees others around him struggle and attributes his preparedness to St. Bernard's. We will always think so highly of STB and are so proud to say he attended.

Suzanne Doiron
mother of Derek Doiron STB 2012 
Westfield State University

College is going so great for me, I absolutely love it here at SNHU!  Classes are a breeze here, all thanks to STB! My friends are all stressing because they procrastinated in high school, so it's nice for me to have so much free time. I couldn't be more thankful for the education that St. Bernard's provided me and I am eternally grateful.

Erin Fitzgerald STB 2012
Southern New Hampshire University

Attending high school at STB was one of the best decisions I could have made since the education and values have more than well prepared me for my future. I recently started my first semester in college and found the heavy work load to be easily manageable. When a paper was due the first week, I had no concerns and used the skills I learned from Mrs. McGuirk's class to get it done with no problem. Overall I am doing very well academically and socially and I am proud to say that I attended STB and can attribute my success to my experience there.

Maria DiPasquale STB 2011
Emmanuel College 

I spent my entire high school career at St.Bernard's CCHS which was a great experience for me. The main differences that I see between STB and most other schools are the involvement with religion and that the faculty cares about how you do and getting you ready for college. Throughout my junior year I was not sure where I would be going to college or even an idea of what I wanted to do. Finally, early on in my senior year, I decided that I would be attending Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Buzzards Bay, MA. Coming here this fall has been a great experience. I went through a two week orientation with early morning runs workouts with all 350 of my classmates then meetings all day as well as learning how to be a team and not an individual. At first this was very overwhelming but I started to look back on my days at STB and realized that all the things that I had learned over the past few years were for this moment right now, I was taught to care for others and to trust.  Teachers at STB like Mr. McGuirk and Mr. Driscoll were just two of the many that not only taught me about chemistry or the history of Machiavellian ideas,  but they taught me how to deal with the problems that I face in college and in life, to keep moving forward and that the best is yet to come, you just have to work for it. Without even realizing it, during my years at STB I was very well prepared for my life in college, especially the unique lifestyle of the regiment here at MMA.

Gregory Donovan STB 2011
Massachusetts Maritime Academy  

Mrs. McGuirk,

I really wanted to say thank you for pushing me in your class my senior year. I am in two classes that I am already excelling in and I know a huge part of that is because of your class. I am taking American Poetry and English Composition. My American Poetry teacher is new this year and I explained how in your class I would always fill out the poetry analysis forms and she loved that idea and now I am doing almost the exact same thing! Also compared to the poems we went over, these poems are so easy. In English Composition we are now learning how to write paragraphs in the correct format, which of course I learned and practiced over and over in your class. In my first few classes I have been that annoying student that answers probably 90% of the questions. I kept your notes and they are like my cheat-cheat to my very vague college handouts. Being in college I feel like I am taking five of your classes! I have pop quizzes everyday and tons of reading and written homework. Your class has by far prepared me for college more than any other course. Every student that takes just one class with you is very lucky because now in college I know what to expect. Thank you again. I hope you have a fabulous year! 

Elizabeth Phinney STB 2011 
University of New England