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  As we and our graduates look to the future and begin our next journey, let us be sure to keep our eyes open to the reality of His presence and continue to be the stewards of faith we are asked to be, witnessing the abundance of miracles he has provided for us.

Speaking of graduates, it's almost time for our sixth graders to graduate and move on to the next chapter in their lives.   We hope you can join us for many of these joyous events as we celebrate and honor this remarkable group of students and families.

 Please let us remember those who are less fortunate and those who may need special prayers and intentions. Please keep the family of Dominik Martin and the Harrison Family in your thoughts and prayers. 
In Religion we will be having daily discussions and activities focused on hospitality and how we can challenge ourselves to treat all other visitors as if they were Christ, especially throughout reaching outside of our classroom walls and school community. 
As part of our "We Believe" Religion series, we are learning about the enslavement of Israelites in Egypt; God's choice of Moses to lead the people to freedom and the promised land; the conquering of Canann; the stories of Deborah, Samson, Ruth, Samuel; the reigns of David and Solomon; the building of the Temple in Jerusalem; and praying with the psalms.  As a supplement to this series, we will also be incorporating many discussions based on Apologetics which may assist the students in dealing with challenges which make us wonder about God's plan for us and how he expects us to respond.
In Reading, we are continuing to read varied types of genre throughout our "Treasures" books along with "Scholastic Scope" and supplemental group books where we are integrating knowledge and ideas, using close-reading and critical thinking questions, vocabulary and implementation of the writing process. 

In Writing, we will continue working in our "Grammar for Writing" textbooks along with our supplemental "Scholastic Scope" where we are learning various parts of speech and are able to incorporate it throughout frequent diagramming of sentence structure.  Throughout using these as well as our Reading series, we will incorporate what we are currently learning in Reading and apply this to varied types of writing and the writing process. 
In Math, the students are relating customary and metric units of measure, finding the area and perimeter of polygons, finding the area and circumference of a circle, finding the surface area and volume of solid figures, as well as solving problems by using drawings and formulas.

In Spelling,  each week we will review the words at the beginning of the week and the patterns the words follow.  The students will be responsible for completing the packets for homework.  Packets will be handed in on Friday and they should be prepared for a weekly test. 
I am responsible for teaching both the 5th and 6th Grade Science Classes while Mrs. Timpe teaches both grades for Social Studies.  This is an excellent opportunity for the students to experience switching classes as well as being prepared for class with the appropriate materials and assignments. 

At this time, both the Fifth and Sixth Grade Science are working on their own Science Inquiry Projects in the form of an experiment or research.  Each student is implementing the Scientific Method process throughout class and is working independently developing excellent skills in the area of research, paraphrasing, public speaking, citing resources and implementing the entire step-by-step process they are now using for the Science Fair, which takes place on Wednesday, May 21st.  We hope you can join us!
Throughout both classes, students will be given the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning throughout use of microscopes and conducting experiments as well as providing their own pictures and vocabulary to assist them throughout chapter outlines.  In addition to chapters throughout our Science books, we are keeping up to date with current science by reading issues of "Science World."  This allows the students to apply literacy in Science, reading informational text where they must determine central ideas and summarize key supporting details, graphing, vocabulary enrichment, writing and hands-on activities to supplement the text as well.
The Fifth Grade Class is investigating the wave nature of sound, looking at the effect of matter on the speed of sound, and exploring such characteristics of sound as pitch and frequency. 
The Sixth Grade Class is exploring two important systems of the human body-the skeletal system and the muscular system-and discover how bones and muscles work together to cause movement.
*Please refer to the Fifth Grade Website to see what your children will be learning in Social Studies.
If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me or write me a note.  I am also happy to meet with you at a time which would be convenient for both of us.  Thank you once again for sharing with me the opportunity to teach your children and the blessings each and every one of them brings with them to share.
God Bless,
Mrs. LaPalme

Additional Information:

If you would like to help with recess duties, please sign up at the following link: 

If you have any pictures that you can send to Mrs. Timpe for the yearbook, they would be greatly appreciated.  The link is:  stbenedictyearbook@gmail.com

Important Dates:

June 10-Family Fun Day!

June 12-Mass, Closing Ceremony following in the gym, early dismissal