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I can't believe it's our last week of school.  I wish all of our Sixth Grade Graduates and their families a blessed summer and a most wonderful journey which lies ahead.
 Throughout the rest of the year, let us continue to "let our light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

In Religion we have been learning about the Israelites, their enslavement in Egypt and the Exodus.  As a supplement our "We Believe" series, we will also be incorporating many discussions based on Apologetics which may assist the students in dealing with challenges which make us wonder about God's plan for us and how he expects us to respond.  Throughout the Lenten season, the students took part in Catholic Relief Services Operation Rice Bowl where the students will be gathering in groups to learn about areas in need of our support and what we can do to help.
In Reading, we have been reading varied types of genre throughout "Scholastic Scope" and supplemental group books where we are integrating knowledge and ideas, using close-reading and critical thinking questions, vocabulary and implementation of the writing process.  We are currently beginning the novels "Number the Stars" by Lois Lowry and "The Klipfish Code" by Mary Casanova.  Both novels are middle school novels filled with excitement and suspense.  The twelve-year-old characters throughout both books experience the Nazi occupation in various areas throughout the Holocaust.  They learn about responsibility, secrecy and loyalty as they take risks to uphold their beliefs.  Both novels incorporate a deep respect for freedom held by their people and their careful attempts to thwart the power of the Nazis in their homelands.  The heart of the characters and the spirit of the young patriots make these both truly enjoyable and informative novels. 
In Writing, we have been working in our "Grammar for Writing" textbook along with other supplemental lessons throughout "Scholastic Scope" and other texts where we are learning various parts of speech and are able to incorporate it throughout frequent diagramming of sentence structure.  Throughout using these as well as our Reading series, we will incorporate what we are currently learning in Reading and apply this to varied types of writing and the writing process.
In Math, the students are learning how to calculate sales tax and total cost, determining which items would be the "better buy," commission, and simple interest.

In Spelling the students learn words at the beginning of the week and the patterns the words follow such as Latin and Greek Roots as well as the students choosing supplemental words.  The students will be responsible for completing the packets for homework.  Packets will be handed in on Friday and they should be prepared for a weekly test on Friday as well.
I am responsible for teaching both the 5th and 6th Grade Science Classes while Mrs. Timpe teaches both grades for Social Studies.  This is an excellent opportunity for the students to experience switching classes as well as being prepared for class with the appropriate materials and assignments. 

Each Friday the 5th and 6th Grade Classes met from 9-10:30 to take part in a Lego Robotics Program sponsored by Dan Hughes (also known as "Dan the Lego Man") who works at numerous public schools throughout the area as part of the New Hampshire Lego League. We are fortunate to be the only elementary school within the Diocese of Manchester to have Dan working with us.  We are all learning a great deal from him-not only Robotics, but also team collaboration, problem solving, critical and analytical thinking and applying the Scientific Method.  The kids love working with Dan and look forward to every Friday and what he has in store for them. 

Throughout both classes, students have been given the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning throughout use of microscopes and conducting experiments as well as providing their own pictures and vocabulary to assist them throughout chapter outlines.  In addition to chapters throughout our Science books, we are keeping up to date with current science by reading issues of "Science World."  This allows the students to apply literacy in Science, reading informational text where they must determine central ideas and summarize key supporting details, graphing, vocabulary enrichment, writing and hands-on activities to supplement the text as well.
The Fifth Grade Class is currently exploring the two important systems of the human body-the skeletal and muscular system and are discovering how bones and muscles work together to cause movement.  

The  Sixth Grade Class is currently evaluating a variety of health risks and investigating choices that can lead to a more healthful life.  

Both classes did an amazing job on their Science Fair Projects, we were so proud of them.  A huge "Thank You" to Dr. Carrie Ayers, an anthesiologist from Elliot Hospital, and one of our school parents, who came to talk to the fifth and sixth graders about making healthy choices and how they can affect your health later in life as well as how anesthesia works and travels throughout the body.

*Please refer to the Fifth Grade Website to see what your children will be learning in Social Studies.
If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me or write me a note.  I am also happy to meet with you at a time which would be convenient for both of us.  Thank you once again for sharing with me the opportunity to teach your children and the blessings each and every one of them brings with them to share.
God Bless,
Mrs. LaPalme

Additional Information:

Important Dates:

June 14-Clean-up Day

June 15-Last Day of School

Mass at 8:30 at St. Raphael Parish, Father John Fortin will be joining us.
Seats will be reserved on both sides of the church in front for Sixth Grade Parents as well as in the Gym after 

Closing Ceremony at 10:00 in the Gym, dismissal at 11:30

Have a wonderful summer!!!